medium inside medium inside medium that remediates other medium

EE Times -Camera phones get sexy; do users care?

Camera phones get sexy; do users care?
via techdirt

The article focus on the image-mobile market, citing some big company research. the mobile photo still has to reach mainstream while video on mobile is fastly developing too.

“Japan’s Docomo, provided inconclusive research on what the 60 percent of its 41 million subscribers now equipped with camera phones are doing with the devices. Eighty percent of Docomo’s camera phone users take pictures with the device at least once a month, a third take pictures two or three times a month and 30 percent take pictures once or twice a week.”

Linking to techdirt comment i’d underline too that:”First off, people aren’t buying camera phones for the camera. They’re buying them for the phone. The camera just comes along with it.” it means that the center of the mediummobiledevice is the telephone medium. around it many different other applications are entering the device. the internal equilibrium beetween those severals application inside a mobilephone still has to reach stability (from ringtones to games, to video, agenda, etc). each single medium (video for istance) inside a mobile device can remediates different older and contemporary media. so that this can give success or not to an application instead of another. video is an empty word, just a technical possibility. huge is the difference beetween a broadcast (as tv) from file sharing (web, p2p) or from personal pubblication (minidv cameras,etc). plus, we see how the same device is used as recorder, or as viewer screen, as the final point of a transmission or the one that begins it.

A nice application, that improves a medium inside the mobile medium has to bring contents of course, in a way that can fix a sort of equilibrium between other medium inside the same device.