Mass media

When he relocated to Paris in 1990, Chinese artist Wang Du was startled by the intrusive presence of media images in the public sphere: advertising hoardings, newstands overflowing with newspapers, bright multicoloured magazines and an endless flood of television.


For his first UK solo exhibition Wang Du is presenting The Space-Time Tunnel, a large-scale installation which invites visitors to journey through a mass of newspapers and magazines combined with more than 66 TV-screens, broadcasting programmes from global television networks.

Until 3 September 2006 at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art which looks like a great place to check. First because they are housed in an impressive industrial building on the south bank of the River Tyne in Gateshead. Then because the Center has just opened a show called Erwin Wurm: New Sculpture where you can see the usual Wurm delirium: a fat house, a distorted truck and a stuffed sausage dog that appears to have swallowed a brick (via art daily.)
Images by Colin Davison.