Mocean is a musical immersive environment that invites people to touch, stir and play with water in a tank. The movement of the water is translated into movement of air in the organ pipes suspended above the water. The sound of the pipes envelops the person, its movement echoing the waves and ripples in the tank.


The organ pipes are connected to blowers via a tubing structure. A video camera, placed below the tank, sends images to a computer, which analyzes the movement of the waves and sends commands to a microchip board, which turns the blowers on and off. The air from the blowers is routed to the organ pipes. The spatial arrangement of the pipes reflects the physical dimensions of the tank, thus it is possible to create the sensation of moving sound around by moving water in a particular direction.

Artists: Maia Marinelli, Jared Lamenzo and Liubo Borissov.

Via Create Digital Music.
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