Living particles

First post from Transmediale, lots of robots, strange machines, interesting people and it feels strange to finally have in front of your eyes the works you’ve blogged about (like I wanted to ask the Pongmechanik machine if it could sign me an autograph)

Ralf Schreiber’s Living particles is made of many different electronic modules, suspended from coloured elastic bands and forming an organic system. The individual components receive their energy from small solar cells, the light being turned into electric energy. This energy is transformed in small sounds and motion.


All modules are based on very simple analogue electronic circuits and voltage is very low like in biological systems, so every module is very sensitive and works astabile. Changing light condition affects the quality and level of the emitted frequencies. All modules are connected among themselves. The energy is shared and feed backed in the system. Signals of grouped modules interfere amongst themselves and with the sounds of the environment: they vibrate, make light sounds, light up and the whole effect is full of chaos and poesy.