Living in a box

The Spacebox is a self-contained studio residence that can be fitted with the help of a light crane. Larger buildings can be assembled using multiple units on a foundation of ‘Stelcon’ concrete plates.

The residential units are made of high-grade composites, which until now were used only in the shipbuilding and aircraft industries. They have a surface area of 18 m² or 22 m², and are equipped to function as a compact studio residence, complete with kitchen, shower and toilet, a boiler, mechanical ventilation and electrical heating. At the rear side, the units are linked to a central walkway with a staircase on both ends.

The units are delivered by the manufacturer completely ready for use.


Hundreds of Spacebox units are already in use and preparations are presently underway in several cities in Europe for placing Spacebox complexes at university campuses.

Via DesignMatcher.

Have also a look at the pdf “What if Denmark was the world’s housing factory?” (thanks to Angermann2)

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