The Swap-o-Matic

Lina Fenequito ’s Swap-o-Matic is a vending machine that enables people to swap used goods as a means of promoting recycling. The machine is operated by a web interface that provides access to the goods inside, and also enables people to view its contents remotely.


During its testing phase contents have ranged from packs of cigarettes and mixed cds to authentic Chinese gas masks.

The goal is to stimulate users to rethink spending patterns, view consumption with a different perspective, and explore issues of material possessions and consumption. The vending machine, not only supports the function of an automated, self-contained system for swapping, but also frames the interaction in the problematic cultural context which it comments, insinuating notions of the immediacy, instant-gratification, and convenience, values often associated with vending machines.

Swap-O-Matic will be on display for the Design and Technology 2005 Thesis Exhibition in the Parsons gallery starting this Wednesday, May 25th, from 6-8pm at 66 5th Ave. (NYC).

Via Rhizome.
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