Mobile Technology Identifies Suspicious Individuals with a Single Voice Utterance

There’s a story all over the web about a research showing a selected group of people able to spot when someone is lying.

And today I found an article from last month dealing with the V Sentinel , a wearable device able to identify individuals who pose a potential security risk with a single utterance of their voice.


The system is made of a wearable computer from Xybernaut and a head-mounted PC display from MicroOptical.

Our nation’s subways, rail systems and public transportation face an ever-present threat of attack from an unseen enemy, prompting the need for a system that pin points those who intend to do harm,” said Dr. Richard Parton, CEO of V LLC. “The V Sentinel represents the next generation of security screening technology in a light-weight, non-intrusive package that is capable of identifying those who have suspicious intentions with nothing more then the utterance of their name.”

As a person states their name or any short phrase, the Mobile GateKeeper software looks for indications of suspicious intent including high levels of thought, emotion, concentration and subconscious reaction. Individuals displaying those characteristics would be identified by the software with a green-light/red-light indicating if they should be questioned further.

V plans to market the technology to transportation safety agencies, security companies and law enforcement agencies.

Via Yahoo and businesswire.

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