Lee Bul’s cyborgs, pods and silicon monsters

Lee Bul‘s futuristic installations explore how the notions of beauty and the monstrous are at play in contemporary culture. Her deformed bodies and cyborgs suggest a world in transformation and the possibilities of bio-technological innovation. She pulls apart and re-engineers the body, questioning our faith in technology and its claim to right human imperfection.


Her trilogy of karaoke video installation investigates further our relationships with mass culture and technology. The pod-like capsules are soundproof, lined with leather and foam, and equipped with karaoke machine which visitors can enter, one at a time, to sing along to their favourite pop songs without fear of intrusion.


Lee’s use of karaoke conveys her notion that everyone’s life has a soundtrack that evokes a mixture of memory and desire that is distinctly individual, though also composed of elements of mass production and public consumption.

Lee Bul work will take part to Uneasy Nature, at the Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina. The exhibtion brings together artists (Bryan Crockett, Roxy Paine, Patricia Piccinini, Alyson Shotz and Jennifer Steinkamp) whose works reflect on the evolving perception of nature in contemporary culture.

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