Anyone heard of projects that deal with love and commitment?

Last week in London a student of Design Interactions asked me if i had heard of interesting new media art or design projects that embrace concepts of love and commitments. How humiliating! I was clueless. He obviously knows about wonderful projects such as Biopresence or Biojewellery. I could also list a series of works that deal with long-distance relationships. None of them ever convinced me (and in my quality of serial long-distance lover i can be regarded as an expert on that matter).

Here’s what Tom Wynne-Morgan is working on:

Love and commitment are both effected by chemical and hormonal balances. As we gain further insight and understanding of how we work and function, not just on a social level but also on a parallel biological level will we also gain more control. Do we want to control, change…alter? What would we like to change and how might these changes affect out current societal norms? Does anyone know of any projects that deal with the love and/or commitment either on a social or a more technological level?

Please send any suggestion to me (reg at this domain), to Tom or as a comment to this post.