La Pâte à Son

La Pâte à Son (means “sound dough” in french) allows anyone —even those with no training or previous experience— to compose music. The main idea is to make a melodious mess out of a finite order.


At first, you see a well ordered series of musical notes—scales or simple melodies and the computer screen displays a chessboard and two containers that give off well-structured tonal ingredients. You can intervene by means of pipes from which notes are streaming; repositioning them in any way influences the direction of the music that flows out of them. The pieces of clay, or pâte, pass through the tubes and instruments causing them to play their respective sound. Controls exist for changing an instrument’s octave, for modifying the tempo, the key, the melody, etc.

The visually aesthetic circuit creates a musically aesthetic composition.

By Le Ciel Est Bleu.