Intense dolor

Ã?ngeles Oliva and Toña Medina’s installation, Dolor Intenso, uses hairdryers-MP3 players to explore the relationship of repression, admiration, devotion and identification that exists between an idol and his/her fan.


The installation features 3 pieces:
· Moreno Pasión: three audiotracks create a religious litany to express the religious act of communion between an idol and a fan.
· Rubio Dolor: the fan is submitted to a torture path to physically look like the idol. Suffering is the only way to identify themselves to the idol.
· Pelirrojo Resurrección: the idol is submitted to a cruel ceremony which will turn him/her into a deity.

Part of the Invitados Independientes selection of the Observatori Festival, November 5-7, Valencia, Spain.

Via Observatori.