A system for listening to conversations at the party

Kiitemoiide-TUNE is a device which enables users to listen to the conversation at a party, and feel the atmosphere of a table where people are having a conversation. The user can listen to the conversations and then decide which table s/he wants to join after having observed the atmosphere of the table.


It’s like eavesdropping but the developers thought that, by telling the participants about the existence of this media at first place, this surveillance media could support communication at social occasions such as a party.

You can hear the conversation of the pointed area through the headphone. The software represents the conversation according to the position of the map. First, the software calculates the distance between the position of the site according to the pointed coordinates and each microphone set at the table. Then, it combines the sounds from microphones with the volume according to the distance.

The tables which are listened to are designed to be recognized that they are heard. On each table, a movie of shooting stars will be projected according to the volume of their conversation heard by Kiitemoiide-TUNE. The people at the table will notice that someone is interested in their conversation through the peripheral actuation.

By Yoshiro Sugano, Jumpei Ohtsuji, Shigeyuki Takeuchi, Yusuke Ozawa, Mariko Koizumi and Naohito Okude.