Joy sticks turned coat hangers and dry bread speakers

The results of the MACEF design award are out. Candidates had to design home accessories that work with the concept of RE-cycling (water, energy, metal, plastics, paper, glass, etc.)

Here’s a selection of the best entries:
The re joy sticks, by Jens Offersen from Iceland, are coat hangers made out of a collection of joystick which became useless after his Commodore 64’s inner parts burned up.


Klaus Küppers got a mention for his clever energy index which takes your energy consumption in the living room to better understand and to react to it. The “energy index” is connected with the meters. The new meters are checked from outside with radio receivers.

Austrian design working group bkm claims that their keyboard chair is “astoundingly comfortable,” Adital Ela made very cute self-sufficient outdoor lamp operated by wind energy, Michael Roschach designed a light using non-returnable 5l watercontainers and concrete, etc.

And there’s also something for Belmer.

Then how could I resist Flying rubbish? In December 2004, Holger Beisitzer sold rubbish bags filled with helium to the visitors of a German Christmas market. The balloons were clean and could afterwards be used to carry the waste and garbage. Even so it was difficult for adults to accept the new “prefunction”.


For a geekier approach, see the Junkyard Art by students at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab.