Real radish races on the net

0radish.jpgJardiland invites you to take part to a real radish races on Internet.

Unlike The Telegarden -where web users collectively interacted with a remote garden, Jardiland allows each web breeder to remotely manage an autonomous robotic module in which her/his individual radish will be able to grow.

A more accessible and autonomous technology has been developed to spread radish racing boxes all over the world and allow a participant to manage their own radish growing device. The growing boxes are all to be simultaneously closed at the onset of the race. Only the selected breeder will have access to the plant management through The player will have to judiciously administer an array of radish growing parameters controlling this tiny biosphere.

The gardener must first plant the seed with a small robotic arm, afterwards s/he must daily bring attention to the radish: water it, feed it with fertilizer, turn on and off a grow-lamp, ventilate the box with a fan, and modulate the temperature through a heater and a temperature sensor.

A limited quantity of water, fertilizer and electrical energy will be allocated to each module at the beginning of the race. In consequence, a clever evaluation and use of these factors will be crucial and decisive for a positive outcome.

A webcam will take 3 photos a day and will allow the web gardener to control the growth of his radish – though only the top of the radish will be visible.

After 21 days the modules are opened, the radishes dug up, and the gardener with the biggest radish takes the prize! Subsequently, every breeder will receive by post the radish she has carefully nurtured.

Jardiland blends farming and food supply with issues of telepresence, tele-surveillance, remotely controlled interaction and web community.

A project by France Cadet and Jean-Pierre Mandon.