Internet users are going to great length to avoid spam.

SP4M. D0 Y OU SWA1LOW? attempts to turn the relationship we have with spam around. A microcontroller-based Webserver retrieves spam sent over the Internet in real time, and remotely feeds a continuous shuffled stream of it to public displays. Spam thus becomes a diagnosis of cultural values and an alternate representation of societies.


“After collecting and examining a broad range of unsollicited emails, I felt like spam can be and often is culture specific. In the U.S for instance, spam mails are typically about get rich quick schemes, pornography, illegal medication. In India, spam emails often advertise websites and services for arranged marriages. Lebanon’s junk mail is predominately sent by actual medium sized and small companies recruiting or real universities offering new courses or degrees.”

Sp4m Map (picture above) represents a country through its junk mail and gives a feel of social values and desires in a culture.

A project by
Ayah Bdeir
who will be speaking at the netporn conference in Amsterdam, on Friday Sept 30.