International Workshop on Inverse Surveillance

call for partecipation

Date: 2004 April 12th.
Time: 12:00noon to 4pm (a working lunch will be served)
Location: Colony Hotel (1-866-824-9330), 89 Chestnut Street, Toronto

Camera phones and pocket organizers with sensors;
Weblogs (‘blogs), Moblogs, Cyborglogs (‘glogs);
Wearable camera phones and personal imaging systems;
Electric eyeglasses and other computational seeing and memory aids;
Recording experiences in which you are a participant;
Portable personal imaging and multimedia;
Wearable technologies and systems;
Ethical, legal, and policy issues;
Privacy and related technosocial issues;
Safety and security;
Democracy and emergent democracy (protesters organizing with SMS camphones);
Technologies for the prevention of terrorism, genocide, and totalitarianism;
Technologies of lifelong video capture;
Personal safety devices and wearable “black box” recorders;
Research issues in “people looking at people”;
Person-to-person sharing of personal experiences;
End of gender-specific space (e.g. blind man guided by wife: which restroom?);
Subjectright: ownership of photograph by subject rather than photographer;
Reverse copyright: protect information recipient, not just the transmitient;
Interoperability and open standards;
Algebraic Projective Geometry from a first-person perspective;
Object Detection and Recognition from a first-person perspective;
Computer Vision, egomotion and way-finding technologies;
Lifelong Image Capture: data organization; new cinematographic genres;
New Devices and Technologies for ultra miniature portable cameras;
Social Issues: fashion, design, acceptability and human factors;
Electronic News-gathering and Journalism;
Psychogeography, location-based wearable computing;
Augmented/Mediated/Diminished Reality;
Empowering children with inverse surveillance: Constructionist learning, creation of own family album, and prevention of both bullying by peers and abuse by teachers or other officials.