Interactive Teatable

Another interactive table:

Individual Fancies, by British artist Beryl Graham, investigates loneliness and isolation, and ways in which people overcome it.

On the table, a teapot and four cups. Four fixed chairs are fitted with a pressure sensor to register if someone is sitting on it.


If nobody sits down, a voice invites people to take a seat. If a viewer sits down, then in their place at the table a pair of projected arms appear in slow animation (each seat has its own “character”, including a divorced father, a trade unionist for homeworkers, a victim of crime, an isolated computer worker), the fingers start to drum, the voice sighs, and suggests that they invite someone else to sit.

Once two guests (at least) are sat, the conversation starts. By rotating the teapot and pouring participants can fill each others’ cups by video projection, and then that character starts to talk about his/her isolation, showing objects (snaps, leaflets, toys) and revealing their story by a series of clues.

The way the characters overcame their isolation is slowly revealed. As their stories unfolds, “rewards” of fancy cakes and objects appear projected on the table.

The characters then invite the actual audience to speak to each other, or tell a story.


Thanks again to Chris, a great provider of interactive tables.