Interactive Music Box

Music Box, created by Jin-Yo Mok in collaboration with Gicheol Lee, is an interactive electronic installation inspired by ancient music boxes.

It has the same mechanism as the original music box embeded, but Mok and Lee replaced the pins with LEDs, and the notes with photo sensors.

The photo sensors work like the metal notes of the original music box. When the light from LEDs fall onto the sensors, monosyllabic sounds assigned to each sensor are played. User can draw any shape on a computer screen using a mouse, and the same shape of LEDs will light up on the the cylinder of the music box. Users then turn the crank handle and listen to the music they composed by drawing.

There is also an on-line version of music box. The music that users created both on-line and off-line will be saved in a networked database, and the database will be shared by both on-line and off-line music box so that users can select and listen to what other people composed.


Music Box is featured in the Whitney Artport.

Via PopGadget.