Biofeedback music

Developed by Sonic Studio, BodyRest is a wearable device (PDA + headphones + sensors) that produces customized music for relaxation. Thanks to the bio feed-back system, music changes in real time according to the listeners physiological parameters, i.e. stress level.


This music does not have a beginning or an end, and sounds different from time to time and is composed as it is needed – the developers call it just-in-time-composition.

The concept of BodyResT is based on a biofeedback technique that trains individuals to improve their health by listening to their own body’s signals. The prototype will measure the individual’s stress level through a physiologic parameter. This will then be reflected in the music. The continuous feedback between the music and the individual enhances relaxation response.


In the �rst prototype the heart rate is measured by a sensor attached to the ear lobe. The sensor is connected to a small EIS (Embedded Internet System) platform with Bluetooth capabilities. Sensor data is sent via wireless connection to a software application which controls a music generating sound engine.

In the next generation of BodyResT we will measure a second physiological parameter.

Movie presentation on the website.