Intelligent Multimode Transit System

Toyota Motor is working on an Intelligent Multimode Transit System (IMTS) to allow visitors to move within the 2005 World Exposition (March 25 to September 25, 2005), Aichi, Japan.

Each IMTS unit will feature a “Z-CAPSULE” design that gently embraces passengers. The IMTS combines the advantages of rail and bus: on main roads, the buses run in automated platoons on dedicated roads, while on ordinary roads, each bus is manually driven.

So, to travel from central cities to outlying regions, people won’t be obliged to switch buses.


The vehicles will be navigated by magnetic markers imbedded in their dedicated roads. A fail-safe system features automatic speed regulation and braking functions assured by inter-vehicle communication, ground signals and other means.

The IMTS bus operate in a platoon of 3 cars, in file formation. The cars adjust the speed of their travel in accordance with their timetabled stop at the next station.

Via GizmoHighway.