Daimlerstrasse 38 or How to get a fox to shoot portrait of itself

In London until tonight for the RCA show and a couple more exhibitions. Yesterday was Sunday. Barbican day to check out Radical Nature. Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969-2009.

“Yawn! Do we really need to read about yet another exhibition around that theme?” will you ask. Yes! It is a great show. A bit on the spectacular side but really intelligent, i’ll detail that later on this week. Not because i’m a big fan of suspense (i always pause thrillers and go online to see how it ends) but because i’m short on time. Here’s a project i liked a lot:


Danish artist and environmentalist Tue Greenfort’s series, Daimlerstrasse 38 (2001) lured foxes living in the industrial area in eastern Frankfurt with frankfurter sausages towards a hidden camera.


Greenfort made “traps” using garbage he found in the area. He put a camera inside. At the other end of the camera flex is the sausage. When a fox bit in the sausage, it activated the camera and made an auto-portrait of itself. One week later the animals had learned to eat the sausage without being photographed.

Radical Nature – Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969-2009 runs until 18 October 2009 at the Barbican Art Gallery.