A deskless future?

In an interview,Ray Kurzweil, who helped invent the IT present, explains how humans fit into the IT future: the impact of automation on jobs, biotechnology, slowing the aging process, brain enhancement, etc.

I found some abstracts quite striking:

There won’t be computers on desks. We’ll eliminate most of that clutter, certainly by the end of this decade. Future technology will be very mobile; it’ll be so small that it’ll be virtually invisible. Everybody will be online. Images will be written right to our retinas. and Eventually, we’re going to have software processes running close to our bodies and, ultimately, inside our bodies, in our brains.

TwoIt reminded me of an article I read 2 weeks ago in the Financial Times (“The Office is Future-Proof”, subscr. req.) explaining what our future office would be like.

According to journalist Fiona Harvey, 50 years ago, computeres were kept in huge back-rooms, but in 50 years’ time, things will be much the same. Computers will be far away from the office they serve, in silos on the outskirts of cities, like power plants.

The silos will run very powerful versions of the databases and processing software. From their desks, people would plug into these applications on unobtrusive screens, and communicate with colleagues by live videos.

Via Smart Mobs and World Changing.