Image Radio

While i was in The Netherlands a couple of weeks ago, i had a quick stop in Eindhoven to check out the Image Radio exhibition. A look at the list of art works on display before taking the train told me that, while most of them didn’t excite me too much, there was one installation that might be worth the trip.

The Image Radio installations were scattered throughout the city, the entrance was free, it was softly raining and the people who were there to help us understand what was under our eyes were only mildly motivated.


Nevertheless, the object of my curiosity didn’t disappoint at all. 3Destruct, by Crea Composite (Thomas Vaquié, Jérémie Peeters and Yannick Jacquet), is a huge 3D screen made of mosquito net strips hanging from the ceiling. Animated and abstract images are projected on it and you can enter the screen and walk around the mosquito net labyrinth, following your whim, other visitors or the source of the accompanying music. Magical (my video and the one made by crea composite)


The other work that really impressed us was LAb[au]‘s latest work: PixFlow #2 is a generative artwork running on an elegant Plexiglas box which contains 4 stripped screens and 4 computers. Four flash-cards containing operating system and executable file, can be swapped with other cards, containing future, generative artworks of LAb[au]. On the screens, a vector field and moving particles/pixels are shaping into flows as their density evolves. Vectors and particles move around as if they were living creatures with their own plan. It’s one of those works you can’t fail to admire: they might be complex and deep, but their sheer beauty can also be enjoyed by anyone.

Lucky you! You can choose to watch the gorgeous offcial video of the project or the crappy one i pasted below:

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More images from the event.