The Bread Man is in Berlin

I’m now living a somewhat ridiculous long-distance relationship with the city where i’m supposed to live. I’m back home for two days running from one gallery to the next one. Just seen the Tatsumi Orimoto’s photo exhibition at C/O Berlin.

0aamam673.jpg0aabre34.jpgBreadman Son + Alzheimer Mama and Bread Men

The artist’s mother is once again the star of many photos. The minute lady suffers from Alzheimer’s and depression. While being at her side for years Orimoto also makes her the object of his artistic production.

The body of works he exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2001 showed her with car tires around her neck, wearing huge green shoes or standing in cardboard boxes. In the C/O show, she is hugged or held by the hand by Orimoto/Bread Man. More images.

Orimoto gave a bread performance with fresh baguette yesterday evening for the opening of the show. I missed it but tomorrow, the Gao Brothers will be in Berlin for another of their mass hugging performances at Brandenburg Gate. I´m not going to let that one pass. Won´t be hugging anyone though.