The Ministry of Transportation

I was planning to write a review of Spectacular City, the exhibition i saw at the Netherlands Institute of Architecture a few days ago but posting it in small bits better suits my current sloppiness. Each day i’ll write something about a photography i’ve discovered while visiting the exhibition.

The 100 or so large-scale (up to nine meters in width) photographies exhibited at the NAI capture, construct, isolate or manipulate saturated urban landscapes, iconic buildings, eerie views and deserted interiors. Most of them barely leave space for humanity, and in every case one can only pity the living creatures that pass through these areas. The visit felt like a real-life trip to BLDGblog.


The image for today is the Ministry of Transportation. Shot in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, the photography brings out the conflict between a symbol of progress and its current state of decay.

By Antwerp-based photographer Geert Joiris.