Robotic Hug and SenseChair

Developed by Jodi Forlizzi, Francine Gemperle, and Carl DiSalvo from Carnegie Mellon University , these chair and pillow prototypes have been designed to improve the quality of life of the elderly.


The Hug is meant to augment phone calls and improve the way the elderly communicate with distant relatives. It vibrates, warms up and emits light and sound signals to mimic human interaction.

The SenseChair (picture) has sensors which record information about the sitter’s position and length of time in the chair. The chair is then capable of providing peripheral responses in the form of gentle vibration motors, sounds and lights.

The products will be on view as part of “The Da Vinci Effect” exhibit, on April 12 and 13, at the Rhiga Royal Hotel, in New York.

Via GizMag. Press Release.
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