Robot to adopt human thought processes

A team of computer scientists led by Professor Mark Lee from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth are to build a robot that uses the same “thought processes” used by the human brain and is able to “think” for itself.

The robot will be built to recognise objects and retrieve them using a robot arm and cameras for eyes. It will also be able to detect features and events around it. Finally it will have the ability to assess the significance of current events, direct attention to the most important and perform appropriate actions.

“All these capabilities will be combined within an overall control system that makes use of a central selection mechanism, just as we believe occurs in the brain,” explained Professor Lee.

“Our understanding of how the brain works is also key to the next stage which will involve ‘teaching’ the robot how to react to things that change around it – for example something which could potentially distract it from the task it has been set. It will also be able to learn from its mistakes just as humans do.”

Professor Lee hopes the robot will one day provide assistance for the disabled, the old and the infirm, or be used to work in dangerous, hostile or inaccessible environments.

Via Carbongeek. Details in News Wales , Aber News and BBC News.