How technorati’s ruining my blog’s reputation to make money

Something like 12 hours ago, Max logged on technorati and made a search for Surprise, surprise! The page that appeared contained repeated sponsored links titled “we make money not” pointing to websites that explain you all the tricks to “Turn Your Debt Into Dollars With This Money Making Opportunity” and get rich from home. I felt so ashamed and insulted. I could really make a lot of cash if i were to accept all the proposals i get to run similar ads on my blog, so seeing that an “authority” as respected as technorati is using the name of my blog to lead their users to debt websites really infuriated me. I was away when Max made that discovery but he sent them an email 7 hours ago asking them to remove the offending ads ASAP. No answer so far. I guess the guys are too busy making money.

UPDATE: there’s hope! Technorati wrote me (see the comments) that they pass on the URL to overture (Yahoo Publisher’s Network) to get their ads, and because your URL has “Make Money” in it, the overture folks are providing, ahem, somewhat “interesting” ads. It’s soemthing to be expected (google adsense does the same on my blog) but at least the ad links i get do not bear the mention “we make money not”

Anyway, looks like the Technorati team are trying to solve the problem.