Wear in case of emergency

Hidden Agenda, by Jen Paulousky, is designed to protect the wearer in violent situations. It has built-in gas mask and noise-canceling headphones. Safety gloves are hidden in the pockets.


Paulousky believes that fashions should mirror the world we live in. The truly terrifying is not when we are in the midst of surprise attack or violent outbreaks but when the threat of violence pervades all moments. Hidden Agenda is meant to visualize that fear. They are prepared for the threat they assume is looming anywhere, at anytime. The garment would ideally be made of advanced, flame-retardant fabric, to prevent burns and debris from puncturing the skin.

Image 1 by Cati Vaucelle; image 2 by Kate Kunath.


There’s also Bazooka Joe, by Ezri Tarazi. In a gas attack, the wearer of this turtle neck can cover his/her nose and mouth with the collar, which comes with filters and valves.

As both Hidden Agenda and Bazooka Joe are only prototypes i suggest you start protecting your heart with Tobias Wong‘s Ballistic Rose Brooch.

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