Green green grass of roof

I want a green roof!


I have seen gardens on flat roofs before, but pictures of inclined roof covered by grass just make me dream.

There are two systems to get a roof green:
– intensive: a full-blown roof garden, where the soil level is sufficient to support the growth of pretty much anything, including trees.
– the extensive version where the thinnest of substrate is applied to the roof’s surface, which means that only drought- as well as wind-tolerant plants will thrive.

As Naomi Cleaver, the author of the article where I discovered these suspended gardens, writes: “There are plenty of brownfield sites available for the construction of imaginative housing schemes that militate against the potential claustrophobia of high density. Green roof systems should be central to these schemes, being attractive, low maintenance, environmentally friendly and providing all-important cost-saving insulation that directly benefits home-owners.”

From The Telegraph.