Get contemporary art into your mobile phone

The Connect to Art initiative by Nokia launches with a mobile exhibition featuring three Finnish artists, Stefan Lindfors, Osmo Rauhala and Kati Aberg. Each artist has created audiovisual works of art that use new media and mobile phones as an alternative channel for distributing art and as a unique environment for experiencing it.

According to Kati Åberg, “Mobile phones literally bring art into the palm of your hand, making the experience personal and entertaining. The works of art are close to you, genuinely within reach, right in your breast pocket next to your heart, and you alone can view them and own them.”


Connect to Art will first be introduced in Finland. Starting with visual artists, the concept will later expand also into music. Connect to Art will later make its debut outside of Finland where artists from other countries will be joining in.

The works of art and associated mobile entertainment (wallpapers etc.) can be downloaded on your mobile (that’s if your device is compatible) free of charge.

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