Gambling with Friendsters!

Pachinko is a Japanese game where a player purchases balls and feeds them into a machine. The balls bounce around the playing field, most disappearing into a trough at the bottom of the field. Some, however, fall into special buckets, rewarding the player with additional balls.

The Friendster Pachinko game uses people instead of balls.

The player has to choose a Friendster and load his or her friends. The player launches these pachinko people into the playing field, where they bounce around until they are killed or disappear off-screen. If a pachinko person finds its way into the special cave at the bottom of the screen, that person’s friends are then loaded and added to the total number of available pachinko people. The game is over when there are no pachinko people left to launch.


Friendster Pachinko grew out of code developed by Krister Olsson for Pretendster, a collaboration between Tree-Axis and Fake I.D.

From Kaliber 1000.