Frieze part 4: from gorilla to snow white


Time to close the reports about the Frieze Art Fair (see Frieze part 1: The fun of the fair, Frieze part 2: murders at the art fair and Frieze part 3: The Angry Farmers Milk Bar) with plenty of images and almost no text because sometimes that’s all i feel like producing:

0claerbout-Homeless-Cat-2011.jpgDavid Claerbout, The Homeless Cat, 2011 (Gallery Micheline Szwajcer)

David Claerbout‘s The Homeless Cat deserves a few words of explanation. This interactive, real-time video is synchonized with actual day and night time. The cat on the screen sits, sleeps, gets up, makes a few steps, sits again. However, the atmospheric conditions and the lights in the backdrop are exactly the same as the ones you, the fair (or gallery) visitor, would experience outside at this very moment. If it rains in your city, the cat will stand in front of a city where it rains. If it’s night wherever you are, it will be night on the screen as well. The whole effect is controlled by webcams and clever programming. The Homeless Cat is a video that has no end. That said, i found the video absorbing even before i knew about the whole system behind it.

0KAL-freefall00048.jpgAlexey Kallima, Free Fall, 2011 (Regina London and Moscow)

I remembered seeing Alexey Kallima‘s large scale painting of Chechen Women’s Team of Parachute Jumping in New York 4 years ago and it’s the one work i’d have bought at Frieze if i’d have been rich enough. Kallima’s going to have a solo show at Regina Gallery in London on 23 November – 22 December 2012. I call that a fair consolation prize!

4_Aus-der-Serie_Sammlung-Boryna-(ca.-1930),-2009.jpgMarcel Van Eeden, Aus der Serie Sammlung Boryna (ca. 1930), 2009

Marcel Van Eeden‘s charcoal drawings mix film noir and b&w comic strips. I’m quite obsessed with his work.

1_Aus-der-Serie_-Wurst.-Eine-Moritat-(1938),-2009.jpgMarcel van Eeden, From The Series: Wurst. Eiine Moritat (1938), 2009

_Aus-der-Serie_-Wurst.-Eiine-Moritat-(1938),-2009.jpgMarcel van Eeden, From The Series: Wurst. Eiine Moritat (1938), 2009

Eeden, Untitled (Motherfucker), 2009, Nero pencil on hand-made paper, 28 x 38 cm (unframed) 34.3 x 44.4 cm, (framed) lo res.jpgMarcel van Eeden, Untitled (Motherfucker), 2009

_Eeden_ohneitle700.jpgMarcel van Eeden, Ohne Titel, 2010

0Aus-der-Serie_A-Cutlet-Vaudeville-Show-(1914),-2010.jpgMarcel van Eeden, From The Series: A Cutlet Vaudeville Show (1914), 2010

And now for the uncommented:

0i2smokebreak0.jpgRodney Graham, Smoke Break 2 (Drywaller), 2012 (Johnen Galerie)

0i8ruggJPEG0.jpgThomas Ruff, jpeg rl04, 2007 (Mai 36 Galerie)

0aaksinhead997.jpgNan Goldin, Skinhead with child, London, 1978

0Goldin_Skinhead-dancing_London-640x435-440x299.jpgNan Goldin, Skinhead Dancing, London (Matthew Marks Gallery)

0i8enricodavid0.jpgEnrico David, Untitled (Michael Werner)

0enricodavisnumberTWO00.jpgEnrico David, Untitled (Michael Werner)

0thiago rocha pitta heritage 1.jpg0thiago rocha pitta 2.jpg0ra Thiago Rocha Pitta.jpgThiago Rocha Pitta, Heritage, 2007 (A Gentil Carioca)

This is what you can do with an accordion, rubber and hose.

0i8dinghye4edf5c.jpgKirsten Pieroth, Inflated Dinghy, 2009 (Galleria Franco Noero.) Photograph by Linda Nylind

0u8steliosfaitakis.jpgStelios Faitakis, The Debate, 2012 (The Breeder Gallery)

0u4_pogacean3.jpgCristi Pogacean, The Abduction from the Seraglio, 2006 (Plan B Gallery)

0iozbolt2644a78c.jpgDjordje Ozbolt, Untitled, 2012. Herald St, London. Frieze London 2012. Photograph by Linda Nylind

0asnowhead9492da08_z.jpgPaul McCarthy, White Snow Head, 2012. Hauser & Wirth. Frieze London 2012. Photograph by Linda Nylind

0a8hello6a2b4ae8f.jpgPeter Liversidge, Hello, 2011. Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh. Frieze London 2012. Photograph by Linda Nylind

0lyndondouglas482709.jpgPhotograph by Lyndon Douglas. Courtesy of Lyndon Douglas/ Frieze

Official flickr sets from Frieze and mine.