Freestyle SoundKit

Freestyle SoundKit was another piece i liked at the Conflux festival. It’s the latest project by Jessica Thompson whom you might remember for other projects such as the Walking Machine and the Soundbike, a bike that uses motion-based generators to broadcast the sound of laughter as you pedal through the city.


Freestyle SoundKit generates and broadcasts electronic video game-like beats as you move around. You fix a yellow sticker with sensors under the sole of your shoes and each step you take is broadcast as a single beat. Each SoundKit contains a different beat to enable you to collaborate with other users to create a collaborative performance. It looked incredibly simple and the audience had a lot of fun with it. As Jessica said “Move around. Go freestyle but beware! Moves that look cool might not sound cool!” However, some testers (like the guy on the left picture) were quite good at sounding and looking cool.

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