The week to come

First of all, i set up a where i’ll archive all the calls for projects, papers and announcements of grants, festivals, conferences and workshops worth your attention. It’s not perfect but i hope to find something better soon (i’d like something really fuss-free, even applications like upcoming steal too much of my time.) I’ll keep the Site/call of the moment space on the homepage.

If you want to let me know about an event you’re organising, just tag the link with for:regine or for:calls_and_events on Same goes for any project you’re working on or seen around.

Tadaaa! Konomi, Sascha, Peder and I have finally put our bios online.

On Tuesday, i’m off for the week so expect super slow updates.


I’m heading to Venezia to visit the Biennale of Architecture and pick up a Cat Brick. I’ll hopefully manage not to cancel by mistake all the photos i take there like a i did two years ago (losing the pictures from the Japanese pavilion, dedicated to the otaku culture was such a blow).

Then i’ll be in Ljubljana for the festival of Interactivity (that’s a free translation from slovenian!?!) curated by Vuk Cosic. And look, look! here’s a few lines that resume perfectly what my talk will be about. Paolo from Molleindustria and Mark Hurst will also be there.


Just after that i’ll be in Rotterdam for CREATIVITY 2.0 Second Chinese Bloggers Conference. The conference is in Hangzou but i’ll speak live and online with them from V2_Institute for the Unstable Media. Not that i know much about blogs in China, i’ve been invited to present my experience as a blogger who writes about art&tech.

Great! just figured out that the other panelists for the Chinese bloggers conference will include two guys i know: Xu and software engineer and new media artist Kuan Huang. Also in the programme: Zhang Qing from the Shanghai Biennale and Gino Yu