First library system using palm vein authentication

Fujitsu is to construct a system utilizing its biometric palm vein authentication technology for Naka city’s new public library, in Japan.

The contactless palm vein authentication technology will eliminate the use of library identification cards to check out books.


Users of the library will be able to choose between an ID card with an embedded IC chip, or the palm vein authentication system. To check out library materials or use its audio-visual section, users simply suspend their hand above the authentication device and their palm vein pattern is compared to their pre-registered pattern for verification.

Besides, RFID tags will be attached to the library’s materials to make the lending process automated and faster.

Fujitsu intends to adapt its contactless palm vein authentication technology for use in the security, financial, heath care, government and public sector fields as it expands its business on a global basis.

Via de bug.

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