Paddle Skin

0aaapafdle4.jpgFavourite project seen at designmai last week was Christoph Kroenke´s Paddle Skin.

He used liquid latex to recreate the shape of electronic devices, from turntables to joysticks. They had a worn out feeling, were soft, super light, empty and their texture felt and looked like skin. Some of them were hanging at his booth with what looked like an umbilical cord dangling (more images.)

Kroenke studied media art in Cologne and we had a nice discussion about the fact that he thinks that Paddle Skin is still a piece of media art although there is no chip nor net connectivity involved. Other people believe that the fact that his works is only about technology is not enough, they´d rather see the piece as a “traditional” sculpture.


Other works i discovered at that same Designmai Youngsters exhibition:

Britta Boehne´s Cable Carpet that uses ugly wires as part of the pattern. Bjorn Franke was showing The Panic Box (which i missed), a machine which creates a hopeless situation from which the user can only escape by admitting his feeling of panic. Baba Akcja was selling colorful virus.