A robot for building planes

I’m not sure many of the readers are building planes on a daily basis, but some might be happy to learn that Fatronik has developed a portable climbing robot capable of carrying out precision operations.

Most aeronautical assemblies are little automated, given the huge size of aeroplanes and the need to have large and expensive means of production.


The Fatronik robot is able to work autonomously on the plane structure itself, carrying out precision drilling tasks for subsequent riveting and assembly. It supports its own weight by means of suction pads, and moves over the craft, adapting itself to the curvature of the fuselage and carrying out drilling tasks at a rate of 8 holes a minute.

A vision system enables self-orientation and the modification in real time of the work programme can be done thanks to a numerical control aid system.

The robotic platform can be adapted to other sectors, such as in shipbuilding, construction of TEUs, cleaning buildings, etc.

Via eurekalert.