Faster 4G

Last week, during the International Conference on Beyond 3G Mobile Communications in Tokyo, NTT DoCoMo Inc revealed the detailed test results of its 4G experiment.

The definition of 4G states that the data rate should be around 100Mbps when moving fast like in a train, and 1Gbps when not moving.

But it looks as if the tests reached a maximum downstream data rate of 300Mbps with an average rate of 135Mbps in a car running at the speed of 30 kilometers per hour in areas 800m to 1km away from the 4G wireless base stations.

NTT DoCoMo wants to achieve much faster speeds by adding the “multiple input, multiple output” (MIMO) technology, which uses multiple antennas, to the current wireless system. The goal of the wireless data rate is as high as 1Gbps when not moving. The experiment will continue until July.

Details in NE Asia, via Mobile Tracker.