Exploring the thresholds between architecture and media

Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Hudini and Anita Pozna from Aether architecture are working on Induction House , an experimental architecture project consisting of three prototypes discussing the issues of autonomous architecture, building printers, the disappearance of the architect, or its role shifting to the design of algorithms that are able to figure out creative solutions without human intervention, etc.

One of their prototype is the Fish Tank which looks at ways of treating digital media as physical matter to build spaces; so the media don’t have to be enclosed in a box, nor has to be the human chained to that box.

When you hold your hand inside the model, artificial life forms will find you by sensing the shadows cast by the hand. Now if you make a call with your mobile phone, and hold it close to the model, the magnetic field of your call will shift digital season on the model.


This enhanced physical space serves as a test bed for creating a blend between architectural and new media designs.

The Fishing Kit is their third prototype.


This “300X300X600 cm self-tensioned structure is made out of fishing rods, plastic strings, led weights, lambing gums and metal rings. For the projection bands we used double-folded cash register paper rolls that were hanging in the necessary parabolic shapes for the exact projection. The bands are positioned and sustained by the weights (approximately 1kg) and strings. Media is programmatically generated volumetric textures, magnetic resonance imaging data of a human brain as well as a revolving stack of real-time camera input images, building a volume where the third dimension is time. This is then mapped onto a polygon soup matching the physical structure in 3 dimensions making voxel resolution constant in space. The cameras are also used for detecting activity of the visitors and controlling parameters of the projections making The Fishing Kit a somewhat tactilie living organism.”

More pictures.

Via Rhizome.
Animation via coin-operated.