The Egg Project

Aharon Ozery´s installation has peacefully invaded a big room at the Davide Gallo Gallery in Mitte, Berlin.


The Egg Project is an extremely charming kinetic mechanical structure whose arms move big egg-like objects from one location towards another in a circular movement. Again and again. It is elegant, smooth, slightly absurd and certainly less noisy than the video would have you believe.


The machine behaves like a mother whose delicate rubber fingers only live for the pleasure of nesting her eggs from one platform to another. The machine in its role as a care-taker reflects the ambivalent relation our culture sustains with machines which is that of suspicion and admiration. The machine’ s potential of self awareness makes the human a possible anachronism. Not only does the machine simile humanity, it aspires to be more than human – a better version, which frightens us.

On view until 10th November 2007.

More images. Thanks for the tip Tikva!

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