Space Tourist’s Handbook

Eric Anderson, CEO of Space Adventures, the space tourism firm that arranged Gregory Olsen‘s voyage has teamed up with Joshua Piven, co-author of “The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook” to write The Space Tourist’s Handbook.


The book covers destinations, modes of travel, accommodations, sightseeing, meals and costs.

The packages are rated on three criteria: mission time, travel and training time, and cost, which can range from one dollar sign (symbolizing a trip costing less than $10,000) to five dollar signs (standing for a trip that costs more than $1 million.)

Since the only ship currently offering tourists passage to the International Space Station is the Russian Soyuz, the handbook also includes a helpful list of phonetic Russian phrases such as Olya che-VOH EH-tah KNOHP-ka? (“What does this button do?”)

There are also tips and etiquette for everything from sleeping to eating to bathing to using the vacuum toilets (Lesson 1: Make sure there is a tight seal between your body and the toilet seat.)

Details in DesMoines Register. Found in France2 info.