England My England

Quick post before i embark on the Eurostar. If you have time to spare while waiting for the train back to ‘the continent’ at Saint Pancras station, there’s an exhibition of Magnum photographer Chris Steele-Perkins a five minute walk away from the station. England, My England is a collection of the pictures Steele-Perkins has taken over the past 40 years. Some are commissions, others are personal works or long-term social projects. Margaret Thatcher in full-’80s bloom and bouffant is smiling to the press, members of the National Front movement flash their pride of being white, there are also Teddy Boys of the late 1970s, obese male strippers, old people living/dying alone, drags, immigrants, hunters, and picnics. Simple, striking, sometimes absurd images.

chris-steele-perkins-england-my-england-blackpool-beach.jpg© Chris Steele-Perkins, Blackpool Beach, 1982

8urperwerjgj.jpg© Chris Steele-Perkins, Brothers, Red Deer, Croydon, 1976

© Chris Steele-Perkins, Hartlepool. Stuart Lithgo boxing. From the series England, My England,1982

3-Blobendales-perform-at-hen-party-in-Essex,-1995FINAL.jpg© Chris Steele-Perkins, Blobendales perform at hen party in Essex, 1995

0aaporororclas.jpg© Chris Steele-Perkins, Exercise class in a poor school in Middelsbrough, 1975

chris-steele-perkins-england-my-england-margaret-thatcher.jpgChris Steele-Perkins, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during the Conservative Party Conference. From the series The Pleasure Principle,1985

2a1387_std.jpgChris Steele-Perkins, The Teds. Tongue Tied Danny’s wedding. From the series The Teds,1976

Video interview on World News and commented slideshow on The Guardian.

Chris Steele-PerkinsEngland My England opens until July 30 at Kings Place Gallery, 300 metres from Kings Cross and St Pancras stations.

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