Easy authoring for mixed reality

An 27-month IST project developed a toolkit to ease and speed the growth of mixed reality (MR) an emerging field, which merges the virtual with the real.

AMIRE has created an advanced and cheaper open source authoring software for MR applications, allowing non-expert designers to rapidly incorporate MR into their applications. This would speed the uses of MR in many sectors –ranging from industry to tourism, healthcare, etc.–, where virtual information can be applied to real world scenarios over a variety of mobile devices.

The toolkit was tested on two different MR applications:

– one demonstrator was used to enhance the experience of visitors to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, providing users with information about the exhibits depending on their location in the museum;

– the other is a training application for oil refinery workers at an OMV plant in Austria, assisting apprentices and improving maintenance.


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(Grazie Giorgio!)