Loving Couples


For some mysterious reason i never manage to be in London for the Frieze art fair. As a consequence, i’m now running around the city trying to catch up with as many exhibitions as possible to get my gallery fix before i take the plane to ‘the continent.’ Today, after having tripped by mere chance into the press view of Move: Choreographing You at the Hayward Gallery and into a few grand but cupcake-infested openings, i went to the Marsden Woo Gallery to see Double Take, a show with Philip Eglin and Tony Hayward.


There are several series on view but the one that put me in a merry mood for the rest of the day was Tony Hayward‘s ‘Loving Couples’ porcelain figurines. The artist found damaged porcelain lovers on a flea market and ‘restored’ them by adding a replacement head that belongs to a more contemporary and less bucolic culture. The lovely shepherdess shows her legs to a green monster and a love-struck squire courts a girl with a playmobil head.


More images.

Double Take is on view at the Marsden Woo Gallery until 6 November 2010.