Double Bubble

Double Bubble will offer humans the possibility to lend their brainwaves to a robot of their choice and control its electrical servos. Operators will assist and guide the whole process. The operators are women, in the mid-term of their pregnancy, chosen for an understated yet emphatic presence.


The electrical brain signals of the participants are captured by electroencephalograms sensors placed on their forehead. Eleven robotic movement such as change of direction, path, pace and “body language” is dictated by the electrical neuro-physiological processes of the participant′s brain in real time.

An infrared surveillance system corrects the path of the robots, called Fernbot and Poisebot, to avoid collision with wall, for example.

The installation will open on 14 June, 19:30 hrs at the Kunstbunker in Nurnberg, Germany (thanks Zsolt.)

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