Dorkbot Swiss Tokyo


The long-awaited Dorkbot Tokyo took place today, in Yokohama. This must be the seventh dorkbot event in Japan. Thanks to the organizers and the performers/speakers for the entertaining and stimulating four hours. (I believe there were about 25 presentations.) Very nice blending of geeky brilliance and dynamic audio-visual performances.

Just a quick report with photos.

There were many dynamic musical performances:


Japanese dorkbot organizer introducing the Swiss dorkbot team:


Affordable miracle glasses a.k.a. a dazzling brain massager:


Make Magazine’s Phillip Torrone (right), and Limor Fried the inventor of many
wonderful techno-artifacts (middle), and the translater/organizer Jo-san (left):


Overall, the event was fun, international, inclusive, stimulating and inspiring. If you missed this one, don’t miss the next Dorkbot Tokyo!

For more info, please check the Dorkbot Tokyo website.

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