Dorkbot Berlin

0drummerboy.jpgMark the date in your agenda: January 29 at 8 p.m. And the place C-Base (a 5 minute walk from Jannowitzbr. station). Dorkbot Berlin has a pretty nice programme this year and you’ll get free entry if you show your Transmediale pass. No pass? just drop me a line and i’ll add your name to the guest list.

The c-base gang will demo its multi-touch console, a low-cost touch-sensitive and programmable camera/projector table interface.

Simon Schiessl will present the ueber-cool installation Mechanism-#1-War. You wind up a mechanical toy drummer boy with the brass key. The action of the little drummer correlates to a projected video that shows bombs dropping from the sky. The sound of the bombs keeps exact beat with the drum. The tighter the mechanism is wound the faster the bombs will drop.
(video)0lecruuiou.jpgThomas Kusitzky will give us a (((controller-beat performance.

Elliott Malkin will be there as well to bath the space in an anointed electromagnetism. Crucifix NG (Next Generation) is a wall-mountable device that broadcasts an ASCII, non-denominational version of the Lord’s Prayer at 916 megahertz.

Oh! yes! and the evening will be presented by Jussi Angesleva.