Dog poo spray

The D&AD Student of the Year Award 2005 was won by a team of students from China. WeiWei He, Chuan Shi and Wen Ying Lu, students at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, got the award for their Dog Poo Spray.

Insert a stick in the turd. Use the spray of liquid nitrogen to freeze it. Once the poo is hard, you can dispose of it easily.


Here’s the pricelss comment of Garrick Hamm, D&AD Education Chairman adds: “I always hope to come away from student judging with the names of a couple of new, exciting creatives, or a killer idea to share with the rest of my studio – but nothing prepared me for dog shit! Not only was this a clever, environmentally useful idea but it was extremely well thought through and the execution was slicker than an Italian racing driver. If these creatives haven’t got jobs by the end of the summer, please send me an email…but I have a funny feeling they will be busy.”

See CreativeMatch.
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