DIY artificial insimination

Israeli company Fertiligent has devised a disposable pump to improve the effectiveness of a treatment for infertility for couples unwilling to resort to in-vitro fertilization.

The Fertiligent device mimics the way in which conception occurs naturally – introducing the sperm into the uterus over a period of several hours.


Ronnie Klein, CEO of the company, explains: “Ours is a four hour procedure with a tiny catheter through which fluid is gradually fed into a catheter whose end is located in the womb and that a woman can remove and discard herself. She can have it put in and either wait in a clinic and drive herself home, or move freely with the pump on her hip and go about her business if she wishes.”

The company is conducting trials at medical centres in Haifa and Afula, and is planning European trials in France. Fertiligent has also begun procedures with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to obtain US approval.

Via Medgadget.

And for added fun, James Davis and Louise Løcke Foverskov designed Oh! the insimination vibrator, an artificial insemination device that works like a vibrator into which a sperm sample is inserted during the home insemination procedure.


Don’t rush to the chemist, it is only a prototype the pair designed last year while they were studying Interaction Design at RCA in London.